Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Minecraft: Did Mojang Unethically Starve its Cash Cow?

Hehe no I don't think so... We're still only two developers on the PC version of Minecraft [link]
Notch recently blogged that "we’re 12 people in the office", so the two people working on the PC version of Minecraft represent just 16 percent of Mojang's staff that is advancing Minecraft.

As I wrote in Minecraft: Is Notch crazy? Mojang should hire more developers for Minecraft, and particularly, QA staff.

At what point does the lack of resources that Mojang has devoted to Minecraft become an indication of mismanagement? If purchasers of alpha and beta versions were willing to help fund the development of Minecraft, how much cash must roll in before it becomes unethical and immoral to have hired only a single addition developer to work on the game?

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  1. What bizarrely leading questions.

    I didn't invest in Minecraft, I didn't even preorder it. I purchased the game as-is. If Mojang had said "this is all it will be" the game itself would still have justified the price. Maybe some people did buy it under the pretense of investment or that it was contractually going to improve or whatever. Did he put somewhere that "please buy so we can hire more people to work on it?"

    And, personally, the fact that only two guys work on it is part of the reason why I was inclined to buy it. In an age of $100+ million AAA titles with photo-realistic graphics, that I spent 50+ hours (and counting) on Minecraft for a fraction of those full-priced games is inspiring in general, and especially good for the legitimacy of the indie game scene.