Thursday, January 2, 2014

Minecraft has sold 13 million copies on PC

Minecraft recently achieved another sales milestone:

This puts Minecraft in 4th place of Wikipedia's list of best-selling PC games, just behind World of Warcraft's 14 million. Note that the number for WoW is for box sales. It won't be long before Minecraft passes WoW to take 3rd place in PC sales.

To put Minecraft's and WoW's sales numbers in perspective let's look at what has taken place since October, 2010, when three things happened:
Minecraft sales didn't hit 1 million sold until January, 2011, after December's beta release.

In July, 2013 Blizzard revealed that the number of WoW subscribers had subsided to 7 million.

Since October, 2010, WoW has lost 5 million subscribers while Minecraft has sold 12 million copies.

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  1. Im wondering how minecraft will change now that its owned by Microsoft instead.