Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ryan Holtz fixes old chunk loading bug in Minecraft

Today Ryan Holtz tweeted:

This bug has been around for almost two years, arriving with version 1.3 released in August, 2012. Everyone has encountered this bug and it can been seen in numerous Let's Plays on YouTube and Twitch.

Here's a screenshot I took on August 24, 2012:

Screenshot of chunk stripe loading bug

The above screenshot is a classic example of the way the bug manifests as a stripe of missing chunks across your direction of travel. If you stop to wait you can watch chunks continuing to load in the distance despite the yawning void at your feet. Eventually these close chunks load allowing you to proceed, although at times it's more expedient to drop to the main screen and re-enter the world. As an alternative to reloading, hitting Escape to pause the game can help by accelerating the chunk loading since normal processing of game ticks is paused.

In addition to revealing abandoned mineshafts, strongholds, and other underground features this bug is a real immersion breaker.

Because of the high visibility of this bug both in-game and on so many Minecraft videos I've felt it was a real embarrassment that Mojang allowed it to persist so long. Minecraft players everywhere will rejoice when the patch containing this fix is released, as evidenced by this thread which for awhile occupied the top spot on Reddit's r/Minecraft/.

Kudos to Ryan Holtz for fixing a longstanding annoyance that affected all players of Minecraft!

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