Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Sims 3: Pre-made Sims Explained

I picked up The Sims 3 recently, and not long after I started playing I found myself asking a FAQ: how does one get a Sim from the Library back into Create a Sim?

It turns out not to be that hard, but the relationship among the game components and the various storage sites for Sims is hard to understand at first. To clarify, I made this graph to show how Sims can be moved around the various parts of The Sims 3 (click for full-size image):

Graph showing how Sims and households can be moved between Towns, the Library, and the Bin
To get a Sim from the Library into Create a Sim without using a mod:
  1. Put a copy of the Sim into a house, play the game as that Sim.
  2. Click on a dresser and select Plan Outfit. This enters Create a Sim in single Sim mode.
  3. In Create a Sim, click Save Sim to Bin.
The Sim will now appear in the Pre-made Sims list (AKA the Bin).

The Bin stores single Pre-made Sims. Towns, the Library, and the Clipboard in Edit Town mode all store households of Sims. The Clipboard is temporary storage; apparently Sims stored only there can be lost if not saved elsewhere before quitting Edit Town mode.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this information, I've been looking everywhere for the answer!

  2. Thank You, I have been looking everywhere For this!

  3. ha! ur a sim saver, arigatou! lol

  4. hi, would you have the user demographics for sims 3?

  5. Thank you very much for posting this, I had stared to get frustrated remaking sims over and over again if i gave them the wrong trait or didn't like there basic fetures. You have been extremely helpful ^_^