Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jeb's Minecraft API slides from Minecon 2012

At Minecon 2012 in November there was a session on The Future of the plugin API. The session opened with a presentation by Jens Bergensten (Jeb) which consisted of ten slides. Below are the text of the slides.

Slide 1
  • Minecraft Plugin API
  • Scope and Development
Slide 2
  • What is a Plugin?
  • It's a file package in your game folder
  • It has unique information that identifies it
  • It's loaded with your world
  • It's listed in server information
  • It adds or removes functionality
Slide 3
  • Where Do You Get Plugins?
  • Download from the web manually
  • Download from the Minecraft repository
Slide 4
  • How Do You Use Plugins?
  • Edit plugin settings per world
  • Upgrade plugin versions
  • Changing plugins may require world file conversion
Slide 5
  • Plugins in Multiplayer
  • Defined in property files
  • Connecting players must have either pre-installed the plugin, or will download it from the repository
Slide 6
  • Developing a Plugin
  • In Java, implementing API interfaces
  • Details still unclear!
Slide 7
  • Publishing a Plugin
  • "Publishing" means "putting in central repository"
  • Administration page on
  • Upload updates and changelogs
  • Not possible to remove updates, so do your own snapshots and pre-releases! =)
Slide 8
  • Making Money?
  • Not via the repository or the game
  • Your own site or via YouTube etc, as it is now
  • Minecraft plugins are not exclusive (read Jeb's comments)
Slide 9
  • Development Plan
  • First step is to make Minecraft flexible
  • Enable Plugin loading
  • Do the rest of the API...
  • Step by step, make vanilla a plugin
Slide 10
  • Movie Time!
You'll have to watch the presentation to see the short video that was shown.

Following Jeb's talk there was a Q&A session with questions handled by the entire panel of Jeb, Nathan Adams (Dinnerbone), Warren Loo (EvilSeph), and Erik Broes (Grum).

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