Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Minecraft: The excommunication of [person4]

[Note: Names are disguised here but are present in the linked material, using the same scheme as in Minecraft harasser says he'll continue abuse.]

[person4] was a well-known member of the [mod A] forums and used to interact frequently and warmly with [person1]. Lately [person4] had started doing Let's Plays, and in the process of building her YouTube presence had apparently started drifting away.

Posted on the [mod A] forum by [person1] on Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:35 pm:

[person4]: She is no longer welcome in these forums for reasons both within and outside of this debate. I will say though that she made an appearance in that 7 hour Stream promoting [mod B], which was the point at which her not being welcome, became a ban. I personally am not aware of the extent of her involvement or position on [mod B], but the extent of her connection with the [API A] community (including her close association with [mod B] supporters like [person3]), and thus [mod B] has become significant enough that I am no longer comfortable with her presence here.

Posted on another forum by [person4] on Monday at 5:52 PM:

I will publicly say here what I say to my live stream when this topic comes up. This entire series of events and drama has been painful for me, for a variety of reasons. Because of that, I have no further comment, and I do not wish to discuss it.

I'm sad for [person4] because all the months of camaraderie and loyalty meant nothing to [person1]—because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and thus showed up in the wrong video stream, she was cast aside.

I'm also sad since I had hoped that [person4] might help bridge the rift in the Minecraft modding community.

I find this deplorable.


  1. So I just read the whole PAINS thread. I couldn't help myself, this whole thing is just so juicy. What a great night of entertainment I could have spent sleeping!

    So Stratagerm, just curious why you choose to omit the names of the people involved? Don't want to bring attention to yourself, maybe?

    1. The P.A.I.N.S. thread, well that's one way to approach things. Before you know it someone will start a Minecraft version of TMZ to breathlessly report all the celebrity modder gossip and infighting.

      I disguise the names because I want to focus on the behavior, not the people involved. I want the behavior to change for the better, regardless of who is doing it.