Sunday, December 16, 2012

Minecraft harasser says he'll continue abuse

While updating my blog today I ran across a comment that caused me to start searching. This is what I found.

(Note: names have been disguised here but are present in the linked material, same with expletives.)

From an IRC chat log:

<[person3]> besides, to be honest, i dont think your in a position to moan about this after your mission to 'Destroy [person2]'
<[person1]> mission "[person2] is a c***" was retaliation [person3], not initiation

and from a subsequent IRC chat log:

[23:22] <[person3]> you said it was your intent to literally destroy [person2]
[23:22] <[person3]> your words
[23:24] <[person1]> will I f*** with [person2] as much as possible within *my own moral boundaries*?
[23:24] <[person1]> absof***inglutely

This is a crystal clear declaration by the harasser that he will continue the abuse despite Mojang's statement on Minecraft modder conduct at Minecon last month. Note that the target of the abuse is female.

This campaign of destruction is why I wrote the above-linked item about Mojang addressing misconduct as well as a couple of earlier pieces here and here. It's been apparent to me for over a year, and I've been considering calling for a formalized Minecraft modder code of conduct since last spring when several incidents took place. (Repeated code of conduct violations were why a professional League of Legends player was banned for bad behavior.)

[I previously covered these quotes in a comment an earlier item.]
[Updated with a sentence clarifying target's gender, and updated again to censor the expletives.]
[Updated again with additional material from the second chat log.]


  1. For whatever reasons, authors of popular mods often find themselves in a position of leadership. In all such situations, leaders must choose what to embrace: The opportunity to feed and support the community, or the opportunity to feed on the community in support of self. Certainly, the more noble position would be that of sacrifice for the greater good.

    And the question must be asked: What good can come from any behavior such as what you describe above? Why choose to be so destructive to those around you? For me, such a choice for relatively no gain suggests a deep insecurity in one's self.

  2. Sadly this is the tip of the iceberg regarding this particular modder. You may wish to read and particularly page 14 onward, though the rape-themed banners seem to have been replaced.

  3. It should also be noted that while [person 1] has no problem with running a smear campaign against another modder, he considers making derivatives of his mod or even just playing the mod in a way he didn't intend as analogous to rape. Those are some 'interesting' moral boundaries if you ask me.